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Clinical Services

  • Outpatient psychiatric treatment

    • Accepting new patients

    • Intake assessment: $550

    • Follow-up appointments: $255

    • Cash only. "Superbills" can be provided upon request for out of network reimbursement (ask your insurance provider about reimbursement rates for 99205 and 99214 billing codes)

    • Telemedicine services available to patients in California, Missouri, and Florida (

  • Second opinion consultations

  • Treatment resistant depression consultations

    • In-depth review of treatment history, medical records, and collateral information for complex and difficult to treat cases

    • Tailored treatment plan

    • Neuromodulation (e.g., rTMS, ECT) referrals when appropriate

Forensic Services

  • Forensic Psychiatrist and Expert Witness
  • Criminal cases
    • Competence to stand trial, mental health diversion, insanity, mentally disordered offender commitments, involuntary intoxication, mitigation, risk assessments
  • Civil cases
    • Medical malpractice and negligence, personal injury, testamentary capacity, disability, return to work, fitness for duty
  • Written reports, deposition, court testimony
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